At ARTI Home Inspections LLC, we are proud to provide quality and dependable commercial property inspections throughout Southeastern, PA. No matter how large or small your commercial property, you need the right team you can trust when investing in or maintaining a commercial property to ensure financial peace of mind.

Commercial Inspection Services We Offer

Our commercial building inspectors are happy to provide a wide range of commercial inspection services to all types of commercial properties in the Montgomery, Philadelphia, Berks, Bucks, Delaware, Lehigh Valley, & Chester counties.

When conducting a commercial property inspection, attention to detail is paramount to ensure your property is safe for you, your employees, your customers or your tenants.

Never purchase a property without a full commercial inspection, including radon and water testing, to ensure the building is safe and absent of any major property or structural issues.

Some of the commercial inspection services that we are proud to offer include the following.

Radon Testing for Commercial Properties

Whether you are purchasing the property for the first time or have owned it for some time, radon testing is extremely important. Radon is a radioactive gas that can get trapped in a property and cause lung cancer over time. Radon testing should be done every two years to keep you and the property’s occupants and visitors safe and healthy.

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Wood-destroying Insects Inspections for Commercial Properties

Insects will not give your commercial property special consideration. It is possible that insects, including termites, will find the wood in your commercial property just as tasty as they do in residential areas. Our team can provide a wood-destroying insect inspection to make sure your property is safe and structurally sound.

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Water Testing for Commercial Properties

The water in your commercial property needs to be safe and clear of contaminants at all times. If you fail a water test, it is possible the property’s occupants and visitors could get sick and hold you liable for their health. A proper water inspection from a certified commercial building inspector can detect contaminants and harmful bacteria you wouldn’t otherwise know was present.

ARTI Home Inspections offers high-quality, thorough water testing often required for commercial properties. We recommend completing a water test once every three years. We provide a variety of water testing packages to suit your commercial property inspection requirements.

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Multi-Family Inspections

Do you own a multi-family property? Or maybe you are considering investing in a multi-family building. If so, you are, or will be, liable for the health and safety of your tenants.

A multi-family property inspection is crucial to protecting your investment and the health and safety of others. Not only does it protect you from potential safety issues or lawsuits, but it protects your investment by providing a thorough analysis of the property and it’s potential for maintenance costs.

Furthermore, a multi-family / investment inspection can provide you more leverage when negotiating the purchase of an investment property.

We provide multi-family inspections in Montgomery, Philadelphia, Berks, Bucks, Delaware, Lehigh Valley, & Chester counties. Our team of qualified commercial property inspectors are here to make the inspection process as simple, efficient and transparent as possible.

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Commercial Property Inspection Pricing

ARTI Home Inspections provides trusted, one-on-one inspection services for commercial properties of all types and sizes.

Our fees are based on the size, location, age and special features (detached garage, multiple heating systems, guest house, etc) of the property. This information is also a good indicator of the estimated time needed for the inspection.

We schedule no more than two inspections a day to ensure we can give your prospective investment property the time it deserves.

The Harm of Skipping Out or Cutting Costs On Your Commercial Inspection

Purchasing a commercial property can be a big investment. It’s smart to hire a commercial property inspector you can trust and rely on.

Failure to conduct commercial inspections can be an expensive mistake. Once you sign the paperwork and the property is yours, any major repairs will become your responsibility. With a commercial inspection, you can find these issues ahead of time and negotiate with the seller to get them addressed, effectively reducing your costs.

Although finding ways to reduce investment costs initially by hiring the cheapest commercial inspector may seem like a sound business decision, this could lead to incomplete, inaccurate or uneducated inspection reporting that results in huge repairs, maintenance or lawyer’s bills in the long term.

From checking for radon, to testing the water quality, to examining the structural integrity of the property, our commercial building inspectors are certified and experienced in the thorough inspection of commercial properties.

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Request a Commercial Building Inspection

Before you decide to purchase a commercial property, it’s smart to have a complete understanding of what you are investing in. Most commercial properties are larger and more complex than a residential property. This means there is a higher chance of possible building problems that can go unnoticed for years before untrained eyes. Commercial building inspectors help you discover these problems so that they are out in the open and addressed accordingly.

If you are looking to get a commercial inspection in Montgomery, Philadelphia, Berks, Bucks, Delaware, Lehigh Valley, & Chester counties completed by knowledgeable and professional building inspectors, look no further than ARTI Home Inspections LLC.

We are proud to offer our customers commercial inspections throughout Southeastern, PA to ensure your commercial property is in good working order or you make a sound business investment.

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