Is Your Pottstown Home Inspector Compliant?

is your pottstown home inspector compliant?

Is your Home Inspector Compliant?

You’re ready to hire a home inspector.  But is your Pottstown home inspector compliant?  By this, we mean.. is you home inspector compliant with the home inspector law of Pennsylvania?

Home Inspector Compliance Statement

I got a frantic call from a previous client, “Carol”, who was selling her home in Pottstown.  After the home inspection, her buyers backed out of the deal.  There were red flags that made Carol want to check into this home inspector’s background.  She found out that his radon license had expired the previous week.  He did, however, provide her with a Compliance Statement so the home inspection was valid.  Always ask for a “Compliance Statement.”  Home inspectors should provide that upon request.

Home Inspector License vs Law

home inspector law As of 2019, PA does not have a licensing requirement for home inspectors.

All home inspectors, however, must comply with the law, Act 114 of 2000, that was passed in 2002.  You can click to find out more information about this law by visiting the documents section of Pennsylvania Home Inspectors Coalition (PHIC) website.

This law was passed to protect consumers.  It was meant to regulate a home inspector’s performance and ensure a certain level of professionalism.   Essentially, the law states that in order to renegotiate an agreement of sale based solely on a home inspection report, you need to have the report written by a home inspector that meets certain criteria.  If not, the client who hires the inspector runs the risk of having their home inspection report invalidated.  That means you, as the buyer, could be made to accept any defects that came up during that inspection.

How to Be Compliant

Among the criteria set out by this law, your home inspector must belong to a national home inspector association.   The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) is one such organization that meets the state requirements.  ASHI has a strict Standards of Practice that every member must follow.  Another criteria for your home inspector is that he meet minimum insurance requirements. Insurance coverage must include errors and omission and general liability of at least $100,000 per occurrence and $500,000 aggregate coverage.

Prior to this law,  you had individuals advertising themselves as home inspectors, but lacking the training and background to render professional opinions concerning property conditions.

For your protection, you should ask your home inspector if he is compliant with the State of Pennsylvania home inspector law.

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David Artigliere, Owner of ARTI Home Inspections LLC, is compliant with the home inspector law.

He is ASHI Certified, has been a home inspector for over 18 years, and does home inspections in Pottstown, Reading, Collegeville, Norristown and surrounding areas.

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