Look, we get it.  It’s a hot, hot, hot seller’s market.  You had to waive your home inspection just to get a chance at buying your home.  While we don’t recommend it, we certainly understand it happens in such a market.  If you can’t get a home inspection before you buy the home and are comfortable with taking that risk, at least make sure to get a home inspection after settlement.  There’s some big reasons to do so!

Let’s look at these 6 Reasons for a Home Inspection after settlement:


deteriorated wire

exposed wiring

You want to protect yourself and your family by making sure you don’t have any immediate safety issues that need attention.

A home inspection looks at things like fire safety.  You don’t want to run your fireplace if there’s a crack in the firebox or the chimney is too short.  Is the heating system is properly vented?  Does the gas water heater have constricted air flow?  This can cause very serious carbon monoxide issues.

mold in the attic

mold on sheathing from improper ventilation


Additionally, the home inspector will make sure there aren’t any electrical issues that pose a fire or shock hazard.  He looks at your electric panel to make sure it is not overfused. He tests your outlets to make sure they are properly grounded.  Perhaps you did not see the deteriorated wiring in the attic that could pose a fire risk.

And quite often, he finds ventilation issues.  This is important to address!  For example, if the bathroom exhaust fan vents directly to attic, this can create a mold issue. This is not something you want to go unchecked for years to come.

The home inspection will look at numerous other safety related items.


high efficiency heater

high efficiency heater

Perhaps this is your first home or maybe you are just unfamiliar with the systems of this new home.  This is another good reason for a home inspection after settlement!  The home inspector can go over the home’s systems with you and teach you about the house.


For instance, he can show you how to use that complicated thermostat or that new downdraft cooking appliance you have never used before.  Do you know what to do with a whole house humidifier or how they work?  He can teach you how the solar panels on your roof function.


There are so many intricacies in a home and he can help you understand it better.


dirty filterA home inspection can be a valuable way to not only learn about the house and how it works, but how to take care of it going forward.

Maybe the heating system needs special attention often.  If you own a steam heating system, you have to purge it every 6 months or it can fail prematurely.

mildew on roofHow about the mildew on the roof?  Do you know how to take care of that or why?

Another common maintenance issue for homeowners is regarding something as simple as mulch.  You can click to read How Springtime Mulch can lead to Termites.

If the home is getting water during heavy rains, the home inspection can reveal ways to address and improve this situation.

There are so many maintenance tips your home inspector can give you to keep your home in the best shape and save you from expensive repairs in the future.



How is that budget looking after settlement?  Do you have enough money for a new roof or fixing the shifting foundation wall in the garage?  This is another very important reason for getting a home inspection after settlement if you can’t get one before you buy the home- to know what major repairs might be coming down the road!

Having the home inspector walk the roof so they can view issues up close.  A drone doesn’t always catch things like hail damage or soft spots in the sheathing.  Maybe the sewer line is showing signs of deterioration and you want to budget to address this issue so you don’t have to worry about plumbing emergencies on Thanksgiving.

Knowing about major repairs now will help you prioritize your budget and come up with a plan so you don’t find yourself in a tougher situation later.



Another reason to get a home inspection after settlement is for ideas on upgrades.  Maybe the home is in great condition but could use some valuable upgrades to make things safer for your family.  Another equally important reason to consider upgrades is for cost efficiencies.  Who doesn’t love to save money? The home inspector can walk around and made recommendations for upgrades for you to consider in the coming years.



The final reason for a home inspection after settlement is to get those questions answered!  You might not even realize how many questions you have until you walk around with the home inspector.  There could be a repair needed that you are thinking about doing yourself.  The home inspector can help you with ideas for repairs and understanding the cost.  Perhaps you are thinking of making an addition or a big change with the house.  We can give you advice and maybe ideas that you did not originally think of.


A home inspection can give you peace of mind after you buy a home because you’ll walk away knowing so much more about this major investment in your life.  If you can’t get a home inspection before settlement, remember those 6 Reasons for a Home Inspection after Settlement!

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